Today’s random thoughts

I’m trying to write an article everyday these days. I don’t know why I have made this kind of goal. Apparently the goal is for nobody but me. Most people in this world would advice me that I should write in Japanese because you’re Japanese. It’s so true. But I somehow feel like writing in English and try to describe what I’m feeling out. Writing is sometimes thought to be as a translation process. Trying to feel and see something in your brain or mind and try to translate into certain languages. If you were Spanish, you would describe the emotion in Spanish. However, there is a cage in your language. Unconsciously, the word or way of telling story is posited by the language. We are all in a cage of our mother tongue.

But we sometimes can be released from the cage when we can capture things in a different languages or when we were able to express our feelings in different languages. That makes me feel really happy. I, of course, can use Japanese language the best, but unnamed feature of Japanese language makes me think twice to write something. That is a hint of sadness in Japanese. Writing sentences in Japanese, especially fiction, you would feel some sadness in Japanese sentences. Famous Japanese author Haruki Murakami is sometimes said like he wrote an American literature in Japanese. That actually true, I think. Because he could get out of the cage of Japanese storytelling format by adopting dry, hard boiled writing style like Raymond Carver or Hemingway. Moreover, he started writing his first novel’s first paragraphs in English.

Haruki Murakami is a person who I really admire and feel jealous. He used to read English paperback when he was a high school student, and he’s been a huge fan of cool jazz music or classical music, also he is known as a huge collector of these kinds of LP or CD music. I mean, he definitely has his own style to live. He is real and cool to his life it seems. I like writing. Writing makes me feel really chill. Everyday a tiny stressful things shakes my mind but thanks to write it out in memo app or some note, my heart soon becomes cool and real.

People often says it’s roughly by 30 years old when you finally realize what you wanna do in your life. By the way, I somehow dream like if I were really bad at living, it would have been much more easier to find what I’m good at out. It would sound a bit boosting but not at all, I do think so. Since I’m a person who can do the most of things with ok quality somehow, everything felt not too bad or not that good. Friends who seem really bad at living his life to me seems actually lead life that only they can lead.

But above all, now I feel reading and writing is my favorites, absolutely. Without no pressures from outside, reading and writing are my best pastimes. If I could live just by reading and writing and talking. That would be really great.


Friend in need is Friend indeed

I have a wonderful friend who really care about me, my dream and my ideal life. I’m not talking about my girlfriend thing, but true best friend. She comes from Illinois, US to Japan as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher). Fortunately I and she have been teaching English together for more than a couple of years. We are the same age, so we can share a lot of unique thoughts without any generational gaps. I have never seen a foreigner whom I can talk with more friendly or without any stress.

She is of course a genius and inspirational English teacher, and at the same time, she seems to have great talent to make a wonderful gifts. In the last time of my birthday, she gave me a cool, leather touch black notebook and pen. I thought she gave me this because she was disappointed with me, who is always talking like I want to be a writer or novelist, and haven’t finished writing a decent story. However, the moment I opened several pages of the book, I was so surprised because there was memos inside of the book, the topics for me to write about. There are topics I would never hit upon but wanted to write about somehow. And the first memo was like this.

Tomo’s Idea Notebook Happy Birthmas! (*my birthday is December 23rd)

I hope you enjoy writing in this notebook. I found some writing prompts for you that I thought were interesting. I hope that they inspire ideas for you to write about.

This gift isn’t just a notebook, it’s also an invitation for you to let me check your English any time you want, and a promise that I’ll always support your writing journey! Even when I’m in Sapporo, even when I’m in America (or the moon or wherever there’s wifi)

I believe in you as a writer and I hope you do too. I really enjoy reading what you write, and I can’t wait to buy your book someday!

The first memo inside the notebook

You can’t imagine how happy face did I have at the moment I found the memo, and I realize how am I fortunate. Thank you so so much. I’ve been in lazy for these several months. But from now, let me write about the topics you gave me. Thanks to you, I think I can start to write.

Thank you very much for reading the article. I would prefer your comments or some other topic requests for me to write. Please write a comment or give me an email through contact page.

100th Article: Still Not Sure What To Write

Thank you for visiting and reading this article. This is memorial No. 100 article. The first article on this site was Drepressing Tuesday morning posted on May 5th, 2020, in the middle of depressing days of unknown early stage of COVID pandemic. The school was canceled during the time, so I started finding a new hobby that can fulfill my quarantine or stay home days. The article is about that kind of thing.

Somehow, I’ve been writing for this site in English (even though I’m Japanese) for nearly 1 year and 6 months and finally made 100 articles. If I post articles every day for this term, there should have been about 540 articles. So lazy days to write. Hmm… continuity is the father of success.

So, let me give you my imaginal interview session to celebrate this 100th post. Answers are pretty honest feelings of myself.

1. The reason why did you start writing an English blog?
I just don’t know. I just thought it would be cool if a Japanese teacher of English has an English blog and interact with some foreigners through comment sections, and anyway, during writing some article about anything, it’s fun to write. But every time I write, I feel a bit of sorrow because I cannot write as fluent as Japanese. I’m always thinking like if I could write English as Japanese, I can express my feelings in more funnier way or more impressive way.

2. What do you want to focus on writing in this blog?
I still don’t have any idea. Maybe I should write what I should write, but sometimes I open the posting page (I even set this page as a default one though) and wonder what I should write about, and find every flactals of my thoughts seems so boring that I sometimes quit and start to watch YouTube instead. I’m always secretly hoping like “Someone, please gimmie a topic for writing!” or like that. In short, there are two types of people I think. Someone who can work hard for yourself, or somebody else. I think I’m kinda the latter.

3. How old are you now, and what kind of goals do you set?
I’m 28 and becoming 29 this December. Shit. I will be 30 soon. 30 means entering a new generation to me (like entering a new park in Disney land). Anyhow, there are so many things that I want to achieve. Something can be bought and others are not able to be bought, but maybe got by your efforts. I wanna Kendo 7 dan, and want to live in New York and want to be free from money and become a funny person who can perform like a global comedian, and want to get Novel Prize for Literature. But man, I’m gonna be 30 soon. Can I make those goals seriously? Are they too big goals? I have no idea.

4. This article is getting too long, so please make a closing address.
So, dear my dearest readers. Thank you so so much for accessing and reading my contentless articles like green peppers. I don’t know if you enjoy my articles or this site content though, I feel I should not stop writing English posts. This is a kind of Keiko (a Japanese expression for practice for traditional Japanese arts) for me to learn and improve my English. I don’t know when I can finally make you happy or laugh or be touched by my English though, I’m always trying to move your heart. If you can leave a comment I would love to read and that would be a huge gas or petrol for myself. Thank you so much for reading here. See you tomorrow’s article!

Thank you very much for reading the article. I would prefer your comments or some other topic requests for me to write. Please write a comment or give me an email through contact page.