Sleep well and live well

How long do you need to charge fully yourself? I think I need about 8 hours. However, these days,y sleeping time is around 6 hours. I think it’s not good to keep my heath, so I would like to go to bed early today. Actually, today was really tiring day. We argued much and felt really sad. I’d like to accept that we have such days sometimes. Good night.

Yona Yona Dance

The Real Good Japanese Music: Robust and Motivational lyrics from SUPER BEAVER

In this article, I’m writing and introducing Japanese real good music. Today, I’d like to introduce you to “SUPER BEAVER”. There would be no doubt if you say you like the band now, you would be thought as you have really good music taste among these days.

The band is kind of popular, but not that popular like the Japanese mainstream rock bands. However, the band offers many great songs to not only TV drama programs or smash-hit movies based on a very popular comic “Tokyo Revengers”.

The band is famous for its simple but very strong lyrics with great rock music harmony. Here is a music clip of “予感(Yokan: a hunch)”.

予感のする方へ 心が夢中になる方へ
Choose the way of a hunch the way you would be crazy
正解なんて あってないようなものさ 人生は自由
True answers are nothing Life is free
今 予感のする方へ 会いたい自分がいる方へ
Now choose the way of a hunch To the place where the ideal you would be

And lately, their latest song sold out, the title is “Tokyo”. In this song, they seem to be appreciating their Tokyo where they were born and raised, and they celebrate people who they’ve met in Tokyo by now. So, Tokyo would be a metaphor for everywhere of our precious places in our life. Anyway, the lyrics really struck my heart.

愛されたい 心の奥 望む僕にも 愛する人
Wanna be loved I feel deep inside in my heart But I still have someone I love
愛されていて欲しい人がいる なんて贅沢な人生だ
There are people I want them to be loved How luxurious life is it

Telling the exact Japanese nuance is a bit difficult, but hope you could enjoy something of these SUPER BEVER songs. Thank you for reading and see you again!

Real Good Japanese Pop Music

Or I should say, the real good J-pop Music video. It’s “Zankyo-Sanka” by Aimer.

What a beautiful world of VFX

“Damon Slayer” has become one of the best known or popular animation in Japan which is currently on the air. The movie of this became a No.1 blockbuster in Japanese movie history even under the pandemic year of 2020. To the most of Japanese, year 2020 will not be remembered as an Olympic Year, but the begging of the legend of Damon Slayer series.

Unlike those of the “Ghibli” movie, one of the biggest difference of Damon Slayer movie is that it is not a solo title but a chapter of its whole story. In short, basically you need to watch the previous series to fully understand the movie content unlike to Ghibli movies. However, the movie became the historical huge hit, and reversed the notion of animation film.

Anyway, the Damon Slayer series are known for its great theme songs sung by new type artists. The next chapter following to the movie is now on the air, and the theme song is the clip, which is “Zankyo-Sanka”. I don’t quite understand the meaning of this title, but by reading lines, I assume the song has a meaning of shake it off ish things.

What I should highlight in this article is that the beauty of this music video. I was amazed the quality of this VFX or Computer Graphic technologies. The atmosphere of the world is kind of Neo Edo looking, and a girl is running from Damons in the too bright world of Neo Shibuya or like that. The music video is so metaphorical and symbolic that I can’t stop watching after many times watching.

The content is very dramatic, and I’m sure you would enjoy it. Song and Video have a splendid quality at the same time and in terms of that I should say that it’s a kind of rare case. Damon Slayer is Japanese’s new myth after the cursed Olympic one. The anime and the songs has been proving that.

This Is How You Lose Your Day

There is a day you feel you win the day, and there is another day you feel down and are completely lost. Life is difficult to live with complete happiness as you know. You cannot live a life always filled with a smile but filled with desires, jealousy, tiresome, and such negative feelings. You want to conquer such negativity, but actually, you should embrace such feelings to admit yourself. I know that. But, life is not that easy. You don’t have to be depressed, but you can feel down.

Anyway, yesterday was a day like that. I went to bed without achieving some of my daily routines. Watching YouTube videos that seem at least fun to me at the time but actually not that worthy to watch, and gradually sink into the deep ocean of sleeping, realizing I lost the day, the feeling of regret that I couldn’t do something I should have done. Believing to keep doing something almost every day makes you somebody, I would think like that.

But anyway, that is life. The point is that you should not feel down that much and pretend you feel really down. As long as we are fine enough to smile at anyone, it’s totally OK. Then, I remember the line of a very famous Japanese pop music “Donna Tokimo (At any time)” by Makihara Hiroyuki. This song is full of great quotes.

Original Version

“消えたいくらい辛い気持ち 抱えていても 鏡の前 笑ってみる まだ平気みたいだよ”
Even though you have a painful feeling of wanting to disappear
Smiling at a mirror, I think you are still okay. (Translated by myself)

Searching the song, I found that there are some other language versions. I hope you would check out and feel positive again soon. Thank you for reading!

English Version
Spanish Version

Revitalize Yourself with Very Positive J-pop Songs Lists

Life is full of misunderstandings, shitty social relationships and negative news. Then I would say, why don’t you listen to a very positive J-pop songs? Here are my favorite very positive J-pop songs lists. Maybe you would feel it too bright or cheerful, but when you need such songs, why don’t you get some positive feelings from here. After listening to them, you realize the world is not that bad! Enjoy your life♪

Real Good Japanese Songs: “Kaerou” by Fujii Kaze

Today, I’d like to talk about music especially the real good Japanese music. Perhaps Maroon 5 or Lady Gaga is not the real good music for the most of Americans. You must know there are much more, sometimes hidden, great songs or artists. Of course this is my taste and choice, and I am not supposed to argue with another Japanese. I’m actually a bit confident in the real good songs, so if you feel like the song, I’m really appreciated.

Today’s Song: “Kaerou” by Fujii Kaze

If you are familiar with Japanese culture, he is the one who you should remember in today’s J music scene. He has a great talent to make beautiful songs and gorgeous but catchy and light songs. More and more companies try to offer him to collaborate with commercials. The most famous one was with HONDA’s new car commercial song of “Kirari”.

Just by my intuition but nearly 60% of the Japanese youth recognize him these days, he is still a new pop star in today’s J music scene. But this song “Kaerou” ,meaning let’s go home in English, is a bit hidden but one of his early masterpiece which will be accepted and acclaimed from the every generation and gender in Japan because the song is about “death” or “forgiveness”. That’s why there are many comments from 50s or over 60s people’s comments just aside from teenagers ones.

Like another his songs, you would find yourself in peaceful mind after you finish listening his songs. But this one is a bit outstanding. I cried naturally and felt so fulfilling with this song. I have no idea why this young early 20s guy could write and sing this awesome song, you can really understand how beautiful and great singer he is. All right, the video contains English subtitles, and if you liked it, it’s my pleasure. I also put the English lyrics down below. Please enjoy one of my fav songs♪

You are melting into the sunset

I am fading into the sunrise

If our paths never cross again,

then, that is the way it is

You’re turning on the lamp

I’m searching for the light

We both have nothing to fear

nothing to lose

We both have nothing at all in the first place

See you, see you again

Those boy’s eyes aren’t innocent anymore,

Those evening bells are ringing out

but can’t be heard anymore

That is, that is almost like

Everything seems to be over

Far from it, we’ve got a long way to go

and I’ll never forget…

Ah, let’s forget everything and go home

Ah, let everything flow away and go home

Though that scar hurts

this thirst never be quenched,

it doesn’t matter anymore, let’s blow ’em all away

Let’s go home with a nice breeze

Let’s go home with gentle rain

What is the use of hating each other

I’m, I’m gonna be the first one to forget

You are worried about the future

I am still attached to the past

This is our last time,

I’m supposed to be a god,

but still, we’re too much human

I looked at the world without me

From above, and I found out

It keeps on turning exactly the same as always

That made me feel easy somewhat

See you, see you again

We said farewell right before the highway

Leaving all hustle-bustle behind, I walk alone

Taking, All my life was about taking

And not a bit of giving

Not knowing the meaning of this life I’ve lived

Ah, let’s give everything and go home

Ah, with empty hands, let’s go home

What we can give is just what we’re given

Let’s be thankful and be honored

I’m waiting for you, let’s go home

Let’s go home where happiness never ends

What can we take with us when we leave this world?

Let go of the burdens we’re carrying, one by one

What is the use of hating each other?

I’m, I’m gonna be the first one to forget

Ah, how am I going to live from today

Take a Sad Song and Make It Better

We never knew what would happen tomorrow, especially car accidents thing. I had a tiny rear-end collision the day before yesterday, and I got a kind of whiplash injury right now. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured though, nobody became happy after a car accident. Really, nobody. Of course our car had no fault, we have to call the police and insurance company right after the accident, and first of all, you have to cancel the plan you were leaving for. Nevertheless you have totally zero fault, your heart is down, especially the weather is cloudy. That’s why I didn’t feel like writing blog for 2 days.

Then, I suddenly realized I was healed by a song that I’m practicing to sing with my guitar. The tune is “Hey Jude” the all time best music from The Beatles. It is said that this song was written by Paul McCartney for Julian, who is a son of John Lennon and Cynthia Lennon. John and Cynthia had Julian, but since John Lennon started having affair with Yoko Ono (to be remarriage partner), Julian was in trouble. Then, Paul, who had a good trusted mutual relationship with Julian (Jude), wrote a song for him to cheer him up. The song is exactly, “Hey Jude”.

It is said that Jude means Julian, and her means Cynthia in the lyrics. But, somehow this private song became a song for universal experience. And now, everyone listen to this song when feel down, and cheered up. It is because this song is made by love. Love is sometimes such a simple, but a deep song. Tonight, I’d like to share my sadness with you, and try to make it better, better, better…

Hey Julian

Thank you for reading and have a better day. Anyway, this is also a good clip.

One of the best Carpool Karaoke episode