Big Mac calls me

“Big Mac Set” in Japan

Never forget the time when I knew the word “Big Mac” for the first time in my life. I was 9 or 10 years old at that time. The city where I lived was the whole world, and everyday was full of new things and findings. My grandparents were so fine that they even hang me out together. My grandma often scolded me with tiny things (wearing T shirts in a cold day made her mad), but the sizes she cooked was my favorite forever.

The day when I know Big Mac was the day when I went to see a movie with my friend. The name of the movie is gone, but exact that time, he introduced me a story about NBA players. He was so fond of Disney, NBA or such American cultures. So, he said to me, “Have you eaten Big Mac already? NBA players often goes to McDonald’s after their games and try to eat Big Mac with team members. Since I knew it, I’m a huge fan of Big Mac. So, have you tried already?” He asked. I was so naïve then, I had eaten just plain hamburger or double cheeseburger. Then I though, alright, let me try it.

From that day, my life has changed. Big Mac was so delicious that perhaps I have been eating about 400 Big Macs before. I even eat it in the US, UK, South Korea, and Singapore. The truth is that you can enjoy the same taste wherever you are. That is Big Mac aka global Big Mac. I’m still falling love with Big Mac. No matter how you experience stressed out feeling, just take a bite at it, and you can only concentrate on Big Mac. Then, problem solved. Just drink a coke and all you can think of is when you would eat French fries next.

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Fun should come first

What does it mean for your life? What is the pros and cons of your plan? What is your benefit attending the project? These days, thanks to the spreading of capitalism, we never doubt such behavior or attitude, and take it for granted. Should we think of anything in terms of merit and demerits? Right or wrong? That’s some important criteria. But, why can’t we think of in terms of fun or not fun?

I don’t know from when I started thinking this way though, I now feel I became too boring person as 28. On the other hand, children’s criteria for deciding anything depends on their feeling for fun. If they found funnier thing, that’s the reason they take the option.

I’m so sorry about myself now. I was thinking about trivial benefits or loss all the time for anything. I’ve forgotten something very important. Let’s focus on fun side. Don’t think as capitalism. Try get back my soul for fun-ism.

When I first ate BigMac was 10 years old. It tastes just as it was.