Globalization is a positive force in today‚Äôs world?

I don’t know any other countries’ educational goal of “English”, speaking of Japanese education, it is stated like “to grow a person who can accustomed to this world in globalization”. I feel this statement really weird. It sounds a bit cheap goal to me. In short, I don’t think globalization has such a great effects in todays world.

Firstly, thanks to the invention of Internet, we can easily communicate with foreigners without actual traveling or moving but just on the Internet. Almost everyone can access to tons of information through Google. This happy situation also made the world that force one nation compete not only with domestic nations but foreign nations. Say, if you are Japanese, your rival is no more just Japanese but Foreigners because everyone can work for your favorite country using Internet. Moreover, this create very unforeseeable economic situations around the world. When you got fired, you would not know the reason because the factor of economy became much more complicated than before due to this globalization.

Secondly, globalization seems not to prioritize the unique culture or languages. English as world language is seen as very valuable and important world in today, but actually, each own nations’ culture must have the same value each other. Therefore, this situation can easily kill minority cultures or traditions which seems out of so called global standard.

Lastly, in today’s globalized world, the pandemic can frequently be happened. One of the main reason of the fast spreading of recent C0VID-19 is definitely due to the globalized world. People who has dangerous virus can travel around the world easily and that means the virus spread around the world easily at the same time.

Nobody can deny the strong power or the stream of globalization today, however, I think the world is overrated in today’s world, and I think we should realize the local beauty again today.