When you have a weird friends

I don’t know why, and I have never asked myself why though, I have some weird friends. I have to admit it. Some of my precious friends are really weird. And maybe I’m proud of having such friends. How weird? There is no scale that can measure how weird your friend is, or something that can measure man’s effort. I assume that is the problem. I sometimes wonder if people share a common measure or criteria of making efforts, or painfulness, or sadness, how the world would be? In terms of that, we are living in a secret world. Basically, we cannot measure anything. Of course, I’m bad at science or math. But, love cannot be measured by a scale, anyway. And maybe it’s so nonsense that God never gave us the special feature.

Anyway, I have some weird friends. Friends who tried to commit suicide, and who tried to commit suicide anyhow. But they are really fine guys. I don’t know why but I prefer talking with such misfitted guys. I, personally, am seems pretty neat guy. That is wrong. I’m always worried about how am I looked and thought of by people around me. And I always worried because I have a cruel words towards the world. That’s why I got nervous because I doubt that people would think of me with such a cruel words that I use , and I sometimes feel really depressing. Hmmm. Maybe, I’m the most weird friend of somebody.