Big Mac calls me

“Big Mac Set” in Japan

Never forget the time when I knew the word “Big Mac” for the first time in my life. I was 9 or 10 years old at that time. The city where I lived was the whole world, and everyday was full of new things and findings. My grandparents were so fine that they even hang me out together. My grandma often scolded me with tiny things (wearing T shirts in a cold day made her mad), but the sizes she cooked was my favorite forever.

The day when I know Big Mac was the day when I went to see a movie with my friend. The name of the movie is gone, but exact that time, he introduced me a story about NBA players. He was so fond of Disney, NBA or such American cultures. So, he said to me, “Have you eaten Big Mac already? NBA players often goes to McDonald’s after their games and try to eat Big Mac with team members. Since I knew it, I’m a huge fan of Big Mac. So, have you tried already?” He asked. I was so naïve then, I had eaten just plain hamburger or double cheeseburger. Then I though, alright, let me try it.

From that day, my life has changed. Big Mac was so delicious that perhaps I have been eating about 400 Big Macs before. I even eat it in the US, UK, South Korea, and Singapore. The truth is that you can enjoy the same taste wherever you are. That is Big Mac aka global Big Mac. I’m still falling love with Big Mac. No matter how you experience stressed out feeling, just take a bite at it, and you can only concentrate on Big Mac. Then, problem solved. Just drink a coke and all you can think of is when you would eat French fries next.

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Visiting Urban Area Makes You A Bit Updated

Living in the northern part of Japan, which is called Hokkaido prefecture, the most frequently asked question for you is “Do you live in Sapporo?”. Holy crap. Hokkaido is the biggest in Japan out of 47 prefectures. Therefore, Hokkaido has the land as large as three ordinary prefectures. Sapporo is recognized as the capital of Hokkaido, but it doesn’t mean everyone from Hokkaido lives near around Hokkaido. Like me, I live in a very country side of Hokkaido and it takes about 5 hours drive to access Sapporo (30 min. flying from the nearest airport).

So, everyone asks me about Sapporo but actually, I don’t know much about Sapporo. I was once very surprised that some of my Tokyoite friends had never been to some very Tokyo symbolic places. I said “Why you don’t go there? So many TV shows featured the spot!” Then he or she just says, “I don’t know but it seems very crowded and am too lazy to go there” or like that. Now I can understand them if I think about Sapporo.

The reason why I’m writing about Sapporo tonight is because I came to Sapporo with my family as a winter holiday trip (and to celebrate my mother’s happy retirement, which should have done in 2021). People are wearing masks as my living place, but there are simply more people, more diverse people there. Every shop staffs seems more polite and kind compared with my neighbor shops, tastes of restaurant or stands are felt sophisticated. So, every time I came to this kind of urban area, I could feel a bit updated. You can see a lot of things different from your ordinary days. Take a look at curry rice for example. Do you see which is urban curry rice?

You see? The latter one is Sapporo’s. Even my way of taking photographs seems so sophisticated. These are the very symbolic photos which shows the difference between urban and country so clearly. You know? The difference is such an apparent.

But I don’t care which you prefer or not. I love both of curry, and I feel we are living in the age of hybrid, meaning you don’t have to choose just one side, but you should enjoy both and respect each other’s good sides. Hybrid is not just about Prius but us.

Eat a Persimmon

Living in Japan as a Japanese, this autumn season reminds us many thing. There are actually many phrases on this season. The best well known and used cliches are “食欲の秋 (Autumn of Appetite)”, “スポーツの秋 (Autumn of Sports)” and “読書の秋 (Autumn of Reading)”. If you could quote one of these and talk with Japanese on these topics, you are the true Japanese.

All these cliches seems to be coming from the environmental changing in this season. Almost every delicious foods are in season, it is really suitable to have physical sporting activities in this season, and due to getting dark earlier, you have plenty of time to read or watch something in your home.

And especially, you need to memorize one more Haiku to spend Japanese autumn. The Haiku was read by a great Haiku author Shiki Masaoka.


Eat a persimmon
And the bell will toll
At Horyuji

Yeah, I know. I don’t know the meaning at all, and why this haiku such a famous that we can all suddenly say to others. But, it’s such a simple, and also triggers many emotional feelings of Japanese. So, I ate Japanese persimmon yesternight. That was delicious even without the bell.

The first persimmon of this year was a bit harder than I thought

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are

This is a very famous quote from Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826), who was a French lawyer and politician, and famous for great epicure and gastronome. He left many brilliant quotes concerning on “eating”. Here is some famous quotes.

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826)

Dessert without cheese is like a beauty with only one eye.

The fate of a nation depends on the way that they eat.

I do love Big Mac.

Oops! the last one is mine. And you can find many quotes from here. But, the most famous quote from him is absolutely this one.

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.

What a scary and pertinent remark. This quote still has a huge impact on me. Absolutely, your are made by your food you eat, and your body is rebuilt every seconds by the cells of your body. Therefore, the food matters. Better foods can bring better thoughts for you (some famous editor said in a magazine).

Then, I thought to create a kind of “food-shelf”, and tried to let people understand me through it about a half a year ago. And now, I am almost always taking a picture for every meals I eat and put it on my Instagram account. Since I am too lazy guy, I never follow anybody (except my mentor Takuya Kimura, who has just started his Instagram like the day before yesterday to be close to his fan under this weary pandemic situation.). But 3 interesting friends of mine are following my account. Here is my account.

This was today’s dinner. Actually, it was the first time to make hamburg.

And my Bento is like this.

Bento is perhaps a Japanese unique culture?

But, the reality is, you can’t cook by yourself because it cost time to cook and suddenly you found yourself giving up standing before the kitchen. Then, you are having high cholesterol and strong taste convenience store bento. It actually tastes good though, you feel like a taste of chemical seasonings, and I will definitely catch a cold after eating 3 continuous days convenience store food (that’s just me maybe. I’m too naive).

If you try to eat more vegetables, maybe you can go along well with convenience store foods.

I would like to be a better person by cooking or eating decent and interesting foods instead of eating too much convenience store kind of foods. Hope you have healthy eating life. Thank you very much for reading and have a good day or night.

P.S. The worst bento I’ve ever cooked. Tasted like a rubber tube.

It costed 30 minutes to eat 1/3. Then I gave up. Sorry.