What should we see in this pandemic to endemic moment

Everything has dark side and bright side. One side is often thought to be as justice, and another thought to be the opposite. You have to point out what’s wrong when students are talking face to face during lunch time. Right. The situation is best to get Covid-19. However, by such restrictions, the suicidal rate among young generations are spring these days. Cause seems apparent that there are hardly no fun things in school without forced studying which will never be restricted. I have huge doubt on today’s education policy in Japan. I am honestly so frustrated on this topic. Why the government can’t say take it easy to students, and try to restrict more than ever unlike to Britain or France which has gradually lessen their restrictions. I think it’s so wrong. Don’t kill youngsters and don’t deprive their happiness or rights to talk without barriers.

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Visiting Urban Area Makes You A Bit Updated

Living in the northern part of Japan, which is called Hokkaido prefecture, the most frequently asked question for you is “Do you live in Sapporo?”. Holy crap. Hokkaido is the biggest in Japan out of 47 prefectures. Therefore, Hokkaido has the land as large as three ordinary prefectures. Sapporo is recognized as the capital of Hokkaido, but it doesn’t mean everyone from Hokkaido lives near around Hokkaido. Like me, I live in a very country side of Hokkaido and it takes about 5 hours drive to access Sapporo (30 min. flying from the nearest airport).

So, everyone asks me about Sapporo but actually, I don’t know much about Sapporo. I was once very surprised that some of my Tokyoite friends had never been to some very Tokyo symbolic places. I said “Why you don’t go there? So many TV shows featured the spot!” Then he or she just says, “I don’t know but it seems very crowded and am too lazy to go there” or like that. Now I can understand them if I think about Sapporo.

The reason why I’m writing about Sapporo tonight is because I came to Sapporo with my family as a winter holiday trip (and to celebrate my mother’s happy retirement, which should have done in 2021). People are wearing masks as my living place, but there are simply more people, more diverse people there. Every shop staffs seems more polite and kind compared with my neighbor shops, tastes of restaurant or stands are felt sophisticated. So, every time I came to this kind of urban area, I could feel a bit updated. You can see a lot of things different from your ordinary days. Take a look at curry rice for example. Do you see which is urban curry rice?

You see? The latter one is Sapporo’s. Even my way of taking photographs seems so sophisticated. These are the very symbolic photos which shows the difference between urban and country so clearly. You know? The difference is such an apparent.

But I don’t care which you prefer or not. I love both of curry, and I feel we are living in the age of hybrid, meaning you don’t have to choose just one side, but you should enjoy both and respect each other’s good sides. Hybrid is not just about Prius but us.

You don’t know when you die

Sorry for this shocking title, but nobody would understand this meaning more than today’s us. The most important lesson leant from this pandemic was there were literally no proof that we can live tomorrow like yesterday. In short, we finally realize that we have no idea of when we will be dead or the world ends. I’m not supposed to make you scary but rather I want to see the bright side of this lesson today.

People often say and be told that you should do what you want to do. But, how many people can live like this? For instance, you want to have a piano in your tiny room, but you can’t buy it right now because you have not enough money to buy, and there is not enough room to put the piano. However, the COVID19 told us that even there are such a hard situation, you should buy and put it in your tiny room because you can be dead tomorrow. It sounds a bit extreme argument though, I recently really think like this way. Let’s do things that you’ve wanted to do right now! Then, you can lose your “perfect timing” forever. So, why don’t you start writing your fiction, or tell somebody love you, and somehow buy a cheap piano? There is always a way after all.

Personally, I think I need to work harder, and want to write a great novel, and practice the piano, and want to read tons of interesting books, and want to hang out with my precious friends, and want to say I love you from the bottom of my heart. Now I finally found that I have so so many thing to do in my life, in this short moments. I don’t want to spoil my precious time but actually if I try to tackle with all these things at once, I could easily get down. Therefore, the wisest way which seemed to me so now, is just keep trying everyday. It’s like accumulating a sheet of paper one by one everyday. But hopefully, someday I can see a beautiful scene standing on the papers.

You should take a day off after 2nd COVID jab

Comparing the COVID-19 cases around the world, Japanese cases seems slightly lower, and it is somehow thought to be one of the reasons why Japanese COVID-19 vaccination is delayed. According to the government statement, those who request their vaccinations would be fully vaccinated by the end of November.

However, the pace of the vaccination, actually, depends on which local government you belong to. Since I live in not a big urban city of Japan, rather countryside’s small town, I could get the 1st one on July 6th, and second one on July 26th. It must be a rare case for 20s in this country, and I somehow could finally appreciated that I became a kind of public servant as school teacher.

By the way, what I want to write is so called “side effect” of it. In fact, this is totally my personal empirical opinion though, after a 1st jab, I could scarcely feel any side effect except a slight hurting on my arm where jabbed. It felt like a muscle pain that can be felt when you finished weightlifting by right arm after a long time.

However, 2nd jab HAS a side effect to me. I took the jab on 15:40 the day before yesterday, and the day was totally fine anyhow. And next morning I woke up as usual, and I didn’t set a day off, so I worked as usual. But, slightly you began to feel discomfort and feverish. Around noon time, I became such a tired and had some headaches. Then, I took afternoon off immediately, and jumped into my bed. That was around 15:00. And the next time I opened my eyes were at 5:00 am. During sleeping, I felt fever and trouble for sound sleep, but I just tried to sleep.

And now, today, I feel much better but a slightly dull. I think I will have been back to the. Eat condition by tomorrow. Therefore, if you are wondering if you take a day off or not after the 2nd jab, here is my advice. It is your choice though, you may not perform well on the day. Take care of yourself.

A reply to an American friend asking “How did the Japanese people feel about the Olympics?”

I know Japan is still in a state of emergency, right? Why is it taking so long to get everyone vaccinated? I feel really relieved that we have been able to get vaccinated. When will you be able to get vaccinated? How did the Japanese people feel about the Olympics? I know it is coming up soon.

Thank you very much for sending me a lot of beautiful pictures. Although I am in a mid of the emergency declaration, I could remember how great to go on a trip thanks to the pictures. Billy seems doing pretty fine with Pokemon T shirts and many fun activities. I had no idea what Rogue Ale tastes but I really hope that you could enjoy the taste.

Anyway, speaking of delayed vaccination in Japan, ironically, we also have exact the same question. Why does it take so long time to get vaccinated? Of course there seems many Japanese unique difficulties like slow authorization for using of vaccines, lack of medical staffs, or national character that avoid getting vaccinated. But the most people feel it is the result of misgovernment by a ruling party, which has been infamous for its reckless driving these years. Unfortunately, the opposition parties are also lack of foresight or credibility on today’s politics, the most of nation find today’s politics pretty dull, and have got used to this disappointing situation sadly. My grandparent will take a first shot in a week, and I am going to get it around August or something like that.

Every Japanese are wondering when the prime minister declare cancelation of the Olympic, but there seems a huge pressure from somewhere to make Japan have the Olympic game forcefully with 90% of nation’s opposition to hold the game. Actually, due to the emergency declaration, one of the huge victims are the students from elementary to university. Speaking of high school students, they cannot practice for a big competition in their precious school life, but the government will accept Olympic games? Which is more precious? I’m afraid that they cannot answer this question. I am very embarrassed. We are really angry anyway.

Above all, we Japanese have really mixed feeling. We have no idea if the coming Olympic game is really the Olympic. All I can do is just praying that everything would be peacefully settled down someday soon.

What I think When One year has passed since I lost opportunities to see friends in Tokyo

There is a strange Japanglish expression, “the Golden Week(GW)” describing for the succeeding bank holidays in May in Japan. Yes, it is officially said that I’m now somehow spending the dazzling Golden weeks as anybody else. Of course, I am a government employee teacher, so basically I have 5 holidays I deserve to take. However, also officially, the teachers in Japan are infamous for a kind of the busiest teachers in Japan, so it’s a bit tricky for us to think about this GW. (The most of the Japanese school teachers are doing roles of not only teacher but also club coach or a jack of all trades…). Anyhow, the most of us are spending a kind of semi-GW right now.

However, the Covid-19 has spread uncontrollably for now, and we are spending boring GW again. You can not take an airplane ticket to visit Tokyo, or see your relatives and drink together much even in your hometown, and I’m feeling extremely frustrated even though I live in the very very countryside of Japan. Therefore, I actually cannot imagine how much stressful life Tokyoites live. And that’s why some of my gloomy friends try to ZOOM call me again and again these days (basically I like such ZOOM calling). Speaking of ZOOM, there are tons of ZOOM lecture meeting thing instead of having a physical meeting these days, but in my opinion, that is too loose. Once you turned off your camera, you suddenly find yourself watching the lecture lying on the bed drinking a beer with UNIQLO pajama.

Anyway, today, I want to say something about the ZOOM call. Since the pandemic begin, the call with my friends really increased. You cannot meet in reality, so you need to call. This situation looks really similar to distanced love situation to me. You cannot go out frequently if your lover lives in a foreign country. So you need to call frequently, write airmails, you cannot fill the gap between you and your lover. Phew. You got tired and that’s how I broke up with my ex girlfriends who studied abroad in US.

The point is, the fact that the ZOOM call is totally not enough to me. Very far from enough to me. We are a kind of musical instruments. We should tune our strings by meeting or talking with actual face to face. There are lots and lots of non-verbal messages which we read and notice unconsciously in an actual talk. However, there is always something missing on ZOOM call or call. And gradually, you and your friends cannot share the same atmosphere or feeling. In the worst case, you can lose your friend because of the difference of understandings. So, I feel really dangerous in today’s social distanced recommended situation. We need to talk face to face. Not over the phone, but physically. That’s the meaning of life and that’s the only way of tuning our musical instruments. We could lose our harmony with our precious friends.