Editorial: Everyone forced to dream with “priceless” moments/ What “Demon Slayer: Infinity Train” tries to describe in today’s society

Speaking of “Damon slayer”, which became a huge hit in last year in Japan due to the mega hit of its movie title, the movie has just aired on TV yesterday and people went crazy watching the movie as No.1 grossing movie ever in Japan. Here is an article of what I wrote when I watched the movie for the first time.

Anyhow, it became such a huge hit in Today’s Japanese society, and that means there must be huge attractive, unconscious problem arousal factors in the movie. Masterpiece can describe our hidden unconscious desire or problems, and through watching fiction, we can sometimes see the truth. That is the beauty of watching or reading fictional story. When you see a movie and find something strange, that noticing would be a key for opening the door to a truth hidden in the story.

The curious thing with watching the movie was a kind of main demon character “Genmu”. He can make people dream with his magic, and let people dream really sweet dream, and during they are dreaming, Genmu can eat people. In this movie, he use some kids to cooperate with his strategy and try to eat as many people in the train as possible.

Then, this story reminds me of a thought. I sometime feel I’m forced to dream. In this time, dream means feel satisfied or like that. In today’s society, people can easily satisfied with free contents, like youtube, google, facebook, maybe some sexual contents or anything else. You can enjoy your daily life with your smartphone and it’s super easy way to satisfy yourself. Then, you feel you are satisfied with your life that easily. But, this is, it’s a bit difficult to describe though, not a healthy way. It’s like when you are hungry, you are forced to eat snacks and fill your stomach. Although you had something, but you don’t eat the real cooked food.

You feel you want to create your own unique original splendid life but what you are doing is sometimes just watching YouTube or Facebook or endless reel of TikTok or Instagram. It’s super apparent that you cannot be anything by such an “priceless” actions. If you really want to be something and dream it with healthy way, you need to face your own reality and cost something. I mean, you need to risk your life. It’s difficult that I don’t say all free contents are evil, but it can collapse your life.

Therefore, in the movie, the protagonist Tanjiro try to kill himself to awake from the dream. It’s such a symbolic scene. You feel you can lose anything but he does. He risked himself. And he wake up and realize the true harsh reality.

Maybe we are living in a world where we can dream easily in many ways. However, I feel like this film tells us that we need to dream in a decent way.


What I thought when I saw”Demon Slayer” movie *I had no idea of the anime before

This is an official poster of the movie

Hello everyone. Actually, I watched the film which was far beyond the talk of the town and almost talk of the nation from October. The Damon Slayer movie, I’m talking about. Every media took it as a main culture topic those days (maybe still now?), and actually I hated it. Why Japanese TV media is always like this? Aren’t you feeling boring? Every time, every channels pick up the same scandal or slightly hit music topic and they introduce those as a miracle hit or totally bullshit or something like that. Since I don’t own TV, so I am in peace though, please don’t make anything wrong and on air.

Anyway, I’m not writing for Japanese corrupted TV media, but the beauty of the movie. First of all, I was totally not a fan of this animation series, but since the movie made a huge hit in Japan, and that made me to see the movie in a theatre (After all, I’m a huge fan of movies). Before going to the theater, I asked one of my Damon Slayer fan friends, “Hey, can I really understand the movie even if I didn’t have any knowledge at all?” and he says “I think you can enjoy it. At least 70%, or more?”. Then, I actually checked a short clips on YouTube which explain the world of Demon Slayer briefly.

And, actually I went to see it just after the opening date. Since I went to the theatre on Tuesday 3 pm, accidentally the day was my paid holiday, the audiences were almost adults or college students. And I watched the movie. The movie seemed very intense from the beginning to the end, but there are some scenes you gonna be crying. In those kind of scenes, I could hear the sounds of many lazy adults’ crying and sniffing. Then I thought how miserable they are with crying and sniffing too.

After finishing the movie, I realized the movie was really excited and touching. I totally understood why the movie got the super hit even under this COVID term. The down below is my personal analysis of this movie.

Reasons of Hit (Netflix, Matsuri (Japanese word of Festival) and Story)

Actually, in my opinion, the movie was totally unlike to Japanese huge hit animation film family tree like Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki or Your Name by Makoto Shinkai. It is just because the Damon Slayer movie is basically made for the anime series audiences. And in my opinion, the movie was kind of an animation program which can be aired on TV. Of course the movie was well made and must be a masterpiece though, it seems just like the TV animation in the theater.

Then why this huge Japanese people went to see it? Many people assume that is thanks to the Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos which allow people to watch every animation episodes anytime anywhere. If somebody recommended you to watch an anime series, you couldn’t watch without going rental shop. But today, the speed to catch up is dramatically increased. But anyway, I didn’t watch any series (simply because I’m afraid of being into the original series).

However, the biggest reason for the big hit I think is because we all Japanese lost every MATSURI (meaning basically festivals. But it can be used for competition, or some big events in Japanese) in this 2020. We lost Olympic and almost any big events. We had prepared for celebrating or getting high for such festivities, but we lost everything. Japanese really loves Matsuri because it’s a day for the most shy Japanese people to be shameless super Japanese. Then, Japanese almost every main media try to pick this movie as a national festival. And people are dying from quarantine, but try to feel together by watching the movie.

Overall, I made a stupid hypothesis though, the world of this Demon Slayer was really simple, strong and well made. I personally felt encouragement from this movie. The characters are in very scary and terrible world, but there they never forget the truly important spirits or lessons and they try with their all hearts and souls. Then, we watch the beauty of never giving up, and maybe sometimes cried.

I wrote too much though, lastly I’d like to introduce one of my favorite lines from the movie (translated by me). This is the word of RENGOKU san (the person who is trying to kill a demon in that picture up above, known as Hashira; a kind of captain or leader).

However you feel you were defeated by your weakness or incompetence, keep burning your soul, grit your teeth and don’t look down. Even if you stop walking and crouching, time never stop flows. It will never stand with you.

Rengoku Kyojyurou

What a strict but really strong phrases. Please check the movie out, and stay safe!