Who do you want to switch your lives with?

Happy lazy New year to everyone. I’m so glad I came back and write in here. I was so lazy that I couldn’t even write English fluently as before. But now I came back. In today’s article, I’d like to answer this question one of my friend gave me as a birthday present: a list of blog topics.

Who do I want to switch my life with? Since I’m not a huge fan of any models, actors or athlete, it became a bit difficult to me. Yet, I came up to think like if I could be switch my life with some people which is appeared on my favorite magazine called “POPEYE (a Japanese magazine for ‘City Boy’)”, I would love to.

There are famous actors, writers or personalities on the magazine (even Haruki Murakami) is featured with this magazine and I’m always wondering how I can be like them. So, today, I’d like to pick one article from the magazine, and translate the article on “How to be an Adult?”.

“You don’t need to change yourself with much effort. There are ways in which you can connect with others with real yourself. It seems a bit nonsense to reborn and acquire a new ability, or rather you should try to look for something making good use of real yourself. But it doesn’t necessarily mean skip brushing up yourself. It is a difficult thing though, if you don’t make efforts, you would be like your parents who you don’t wanted to be.”

Now I realize this article (my blog) is a total mess for now, but I want to be a person who can give young people a witty advice like him.


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