Answering 100 questions to know myself

  1. What is your name?
    Tomoharu Watanabe
  2. When is your birthday?
    December 23
  3. Sex?
  4. Age?
  5. Astrology?
  6. Blood type?
    Type A
  7. What is your favorite food?
    There are many favorite foods, but I’m addicted to Big Mac.
  8. What is your favorite drink?
    Coca Cola. Especially Malibu Coke with a sliced lime.
  9. Any favorite novels?
    “Slaughterhouse 5” by Kurt Vonnegut
  10. Any favorite manga?
    “Crayon Shinchan” is all time best.
  11. Any favorite movies?
    This kind of question really bothers me cause I have a plenty of. But, the kind of atmosphere of “A perks of being a wallflower”, I like it.
  12. Any favorite anime?
    “Damon Slayer” is my favorite one.
  13. Who is your favorite actor?
    Takuya Kimura
  14. Who is your favorite actress?
    Masami Nagasawa
  15. Who id your favorite voice actor?
    I like Tanjiro’s voice in the Damon Slayer. It really cheered me up.
  16. Do you have favorite models?
    I’m not sure about models.
  17. Who is your favorite comedian?
    Conan O’brien.
  18. What is your favorite song?
    Deer in the head light by Owl City.
  19. Favorite TV program?
    Late Night Shows.
  20. Where is your favorite shop?
    I like a fancy cafe which is not that crowded.
  21. Where is your favorite place?
    Cafe or any places which is fancy, and has some good atmosphere.
  22. What do you do?
    A high school English teacher.
  23. What do you do on holiday?
    Get up late and read books and find myself sleeping soon.
  24. When do you usually get up?
    Around 6 am.
  25. When do you usually go to bed?
    Before midnight.
  26. Where are you from?
    The Northern part of Japan called Hokkaido.
  27. Where do you live?
    I live in Saroma, Hokkaido.
  28. What is the structure of your family?
    I’m an only child.
  29. Do you think the relationship with your parents are good?
    I guess so.
  30. What is your feeling for each person of your family?
    What kind of question is it? It’s pretty normal I guess.
  31. What kind of child were you before going to elementary school?
    I don’t remember much. How was it?
  32. What was your dream before going to elementary school?
    It was “to become a tire”. My mother secretly told me before.
  33. What kind of playing did you like?
    I liked maybe hide and seek kind of playing.
  34. What kind of person were you when you were an elementary school student?
    Somebody told me that I had a certain leadership. I belonged to a baseball club but I really would afraid of catching a ball.
  35. What was your dream when you were an elementary school student?
    There used to be so many dreams, but if I only choose one, I would say to be a pilot.
  36. What kind of playing did you like when you were a kid?
    I used to like Spy Kids kind of playing. Using a model guns or a toy transceiver, spending a whole day outside. I’m not familiar with APEX thing though, it seems pretty much the same thing to me.
  37. What kind of person were you when you were a junior high?
    I was really popular with girls. In a brass band club, I used to play the drums.
  38. What was your dream then?
    I was really into the club activity then, so maybe to be a better drummer was it.
  39. What kind of playing did you like?
    There used to be many funny senpai then, so I liked to hang out with them often.
  40. What was your club then?
    A brass band.
  41. What kind of person were you when you were a high schooler?
    Somehow, I didn’t enjoy the high school.
  42. What was your dream then?
    I had no idea, and felt school boring.
  43. What kind of playing did you like then?
    I used to belong to a band, and we made some original songs. That was fun.
  44. What was your club then?
    A tennis club. But I quit in the middle of the season.
  45. What is the best experience ever?
    Maybe traveling to the foreign country. New York seemed unbelievably amazing place.
  46. What was the most outrageous experience?
    So called, love trouble? That was terrible.
  47. What was the saddest experience?
    Sad memories with a lot of tears and without tears. Anyway, I forgot them all.
  48. What was the most frustrating experience ever?
    There are some, but I’ll retry soon.
  49. If you need to put order Family, Friends and your girlfriend?
    If I’m engaged with my lover, she would come first, and then, my family to friends. This is an order for me to protect strongly.
  50. Work, Hobby, Human relationships, Status, Money, how do you put priorities?
    It seems so dull to put into priorities. Things that I love the most at that time would simply come first.
  51. What are you interested in now?
    Anyway, reading books. I have plenty of books that I want to read.
  52. What are you into now?
    I’m becoming a type of person who loves entertaining guests. I used to feel losing something before, now it seems so meaningful to do that.
  53. What is your trouble?
    Tiny troubles there are everyday. Basically, worries about tomorrow.
  54. What is your dream now?
    To cheer up somebody with my writings.
  55. What is your recent goal?
    To live with peaceful mind everyday.
  56. What is your vision of a year later?
    I want to be reading many boos in the future.
  57. What is your vision 3 years after now?
    Want to travel a lot of places.
  58. How about 5 years?
    I’d like to be a father of a great family.
  59. How about 10 years?
    I want to live in a fancy house.
  60. What is your biggest regret?
    I should have been more aggressive and honest to my feelings.
  61. Have you betrayed somebody?
  62. And have you ever been betrayed?
    Of course.
  63. Have you ever fell in love?
  64. When was the time you felt friendship the best?
    Friends in need is a friend indeed, eh?
  65. When do you feel a huge stress in your daily lives?
    When things don’t go well as I thought. I’m such a small person.
  66. When do you feel relaxed?
    When I eat something.
  67. When do you feel happiness?
    When I eat something, too. And when I am appreciated by somebody else.
  68. Outdoor or Indoor type?
    I guess, Indoor type close to Outdoor type.
  69. S or M?
    What is this question? I think it depends.
  70. Are you positive or negative?
    I’m positive and negative.
  71. Extrovert or Introvart?
    I think I’m extrovert.
  72. How to deal with your stress?
    Sometimes I drink a lot and eat a lot. Hanging out with friends is a great medicine sometime.
  73. Do you have any science fiction technologies that should come into reality?
    For instance, a gate, thorough which you can completely be new and healthy body.
  74. What do you wish for only one thing?
    I wish my family in good health and be happy.
  75. If you can wish 3 things?
    What? I will achieve by myself then.
  76. What do you use your money for?
    Books and foods.
  77. What do you spend money on most?
    Books and foods.
  78. So, what do you want to cut for saving more money?
    Books and foods.
  79. What would you do on the last day of the earth?
    Hmm… Let’s have a big party.
  80. What do you want to eat on the last day of your life?
    A dish somebody cooked.
  81. If you can travel to the past or future, what would you do?
    I would go to past and see myself objectively.
  82. What animal is your metaphor?
    I’m not sure. But I like to be birds.
  83. What color is your metaphor?
    Maybe blue.
  84. Do you have things about fashion?
    I prefer simple style.
  85. Which do you require, stimulation or peacefulness?
    Maybe stimulation. I love peace but sometimes a bit boring.
  86. What do you require to your friends?
    If it’s interesting or not during talking with me.
  87. What kind of person would be your friend easily?
    Interesting talking person.
  88. What is your requirement to your lover?
    Of course whether you can be happy or not.
  89. What kind of person you fell in love with?
    A beautiful smile.
  90. What do you want to do before you die?
    I want to have a dinner with a very important people like a US president.
  91. Do you have any goals you want to achieve within a year?
    I’ve just thought about the question. It’s the same.
  92. How about within 3 years?
    To get 3 dan of Kendo.
  93. In 5 years?
    To be in good health.
  94. In 10 years?
    To get 4-5 dan of Kendo.
  95. Who do you respect?
    People with solid styles or uniqueness.
  96. Whom you are not good at?
    Not interesting people.
  97. What do you think you are looked?
    A man who do idiotic things.
  98. What kind of person do you want to be?
    I want to be an odd person in a good way, but to be cool at the same time.
  99. Do you have some specific thing about your life?
    I’m always trying to create a cozy environment for my mental health.
  100. What is your theme for life?

Thank you very much for reading.


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