Random thoughts on Saturday

I love Saturday, for that never makes me think about tomorrow. I have plenty of mental room to think about new things I’ve been wondering if I could do, trying to see a movie that doesn’t seem a big hit. From Sunday, I need to start worrying about Monday, and it would last until Friday night (since I need a bit work on Saturday), and I know somehow it’s a necessary thing to deal with the stress to push myself for anything.

Everyone is fighting. That doesn’t mean everyone is busy though, I haven’t had enough room to settle down before the laptop and write and post about things. And, it doesn’t necessarily mean I was spending meaningless, inefficient life. The more distance you put between you and your smartphone, the smarter you become. This is what I’ve been felt for this months, and I assume there are some people who can understand with my idea. I’ve been asking myself, why do I write on this blog? What is the meaning of my writing this blog? I have hit upon no idea so far. In short, this seems totally the same to the action that I throw an empty bottle with a letter to nobody into the sea. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. But, if we could feel a certain kind of atmosphere together somewhere sometime, that would be a very nice thing.


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