The Best Cup Noodle Taste Is Miso

From now, I’d like to write about anything for 10 minutes. I don’t know but this is a kind of writing practice. Just writing my thoughts one after another for 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes. Japanese sometimes refer 3 minutes as a time of cooking cup noodles. So, I can make nearly 3 cup noodles in 10 minutes. Cup Noodles reminds me of different tastes of Cup Noodles. There are a lot of different versions of Cup Noodles. Tom-Yum-Kun Cup Noodles, or like that. The very basic, traditional taste of it is definetly “Soy-Sause” taste. It is as foundamental as tuna for sushi. However, the taste what I love is not Soy-Sause, It’s “Miso” taste.

Please enjoy the taste when you visit Japan

“Miso” taste seems no that familiar like “Soy-Sause” or “Sea-Food” here in Japan. I don’t know why though, people recalls Cup Noodles’ taste as “Soy-Sause”, “Sea-Food”, “Curry” or “Tomato”. In my opinion, Cup Noodles looks American thing (which was actually invented in Japan), Miso seems to Japanese to us, and there are tons of different such kind of Instant Cup Noodles on the shelf in Japanese convenience stores. However, let me speak with a loud voice, I do love the taste of Miso Cup Noodles. It’s so good that I’m always eating it with rice balls (Onigiri: Japanese Original Fastfood in my dictionary). You just cannot believe how do they get along with so well. That’s the real beauty of Cup Noodles, and I come to feel like, Oh, however I try to pretend me as a global person, I’m Japanese after all. I really do love the Miso flavor. Miso, what a lovely taste you are.

Oh, I just have 3 minutes left to finish my article. By the way, I have once watched a documentary TV program of the Cup Noodle. After they invented and tried to sell it, they couldn’t sell it well because no one tries to eat ramen with such way. So, the sales people went to Fire Department or Hospitals where people can’t sleep becuae of their emergent work, then they really loved it’s quickness or fast-food, convenience, and gradually Cup Noodle has accepted in Japan and now it is loved around the world.

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