Hello everyone. It is terribly hot these days in Japan. I’m OK because I live in the northern part of Japan, but if you live in Tokyo, the temperature can kill you. Every person seems like soft-boiled people in Tokyo when I visited a week ago and of course including me though. The funniest and confusing scene I saw in Tokyo was everyone wore masks even in the station in outside. WHY JAPANESE PEOPLE…? Then I thought they will die soon due to not COVID but heatstroke.

Anyways, recently I’ve received an email of inquiry. Since I could hardly have received such email so far, I was so happy by receiving email(you can send me from the “contact” page in the menu). Then I was so happy that I asked the person what do you want me to write about in this blog. Then the person kindly suggested me that the analysis of Japanese song lyrics can be a good topic since the person feel something important can be lost through Google translating.

Then I thought, that would be great! And the person said “Perhaps some of back number’s would be great!” Great! I love back number too! So, let’s start with the latest hit song: Suiheisen!

“Suiheisen” is loved by many people especially by Japanese High schoolers.

Listing to the song, we can feel some sad and happy, such mixed feelings. But to me, a sad atmosphere outweighs the positive one. Watching the MV, a Japanese female high school student throw everything away and walk into the sea, I couldn’t understand what the MV wants to describe. Bullying or something? I thought. However, the song was actually dedicated a certain kind of people. You can check the caption by the artist just down below the video page.


Here is my brief translation.

The spreading of COVID-19 gave a huge impact on our daily lives, and we were forced to have had a tough decisions as a back number. And then, Inter-High School Competition (High School national tournament for sports clubs) has canceled for the first time of its long history, and some high school students who strived for holding the tournament gave a letter to us. Mr. Shimizu, who worked hard for the tournament of track and field when he was a high school student, realized that the tournament was supposed to be held in his home town Gunma prefecture, and their band’s song “SISTER” should have been played in the opening ceremony, and then he tried to do something for them and suddenly he created the song “Suihensen” We would like to publish this song today of October 18th, when the opening ceremony of the tournament should have been held.

Then, everything made sense to me. That’s why the song is such a moving song.

Here is a song lyrics in English and Japanese. The song lyrics are so deep to get simply for even Japanese. The words are simple though, the combinations are so poetic that it can be understood easily. Absolutely, the song is a kind of song that the interpretation can be dedicated by each of us, but mainly the core of the song is to embrace the sadness or darkness in our lives. Here is my translation of the chorus part, which is very difficult to translate and understand.

水平線が光る朝に In the morning when the horizon shines
あなたの希望が崩れ落ちて Your hopes collapse into pieces
風に飛ばされる欠片に While the broken pieces are blown with wind
誰かが綺麗と呟いてる Someone is saying those pieces are beautiful
悲しい声で歌いながら Singing with a sad voice
いつしか海に流れ着いて 光って Those pieces would reach the ocean and shine someday
あなたはそれを見るでしょう You would see it
あなたはそれを見るでしょう You would see it

Above all, my analysis of this song is that this is a kind of a fight song for the people who somehow disappointed deeply with something in their life. Generally speaking, we don’t say it’s beautiful when somebody is collapsing, but the song seems to say such kind of things. In short, as long as we live, we face many kinds of difficulties and sometimes we overcome or lose or collapse. However, as long as we live, the song would tell us our lives are still dazzling like sea glasses found in the sea shore.

Thank you very much for reading the article. I would prefer your comments or some other topic requests for me to write. Please write a comment or give me an email through contact page.


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