Spring is a Cruel Season in Japan

Such a beautiful Sakura in this season

Long time no see folks. I can’t even remember when was the last time I posted an article. Somehow, I couldn’t write anything because of my laziness. But, my life was somehow good these days. The season of Spring has finally arrived even in this Hokkaido prefecture. We can feel the warmth of the spring breeze, and bugs look re-enjoying playing outside.

Anyway, Spring is a farewell and welcome season for the Japanese. Maybe because our fiscal and school year begins in April and ends in March. And March is often symbolized by “Sakura (the cherry blossoms)”. So when we see sakura, we have a mainly great possibility of a new start, and slightly a hint of farewell and sadness to say goodbye in this season.

I said goodbye to a very precious colleague today. He was such a great co-worker. He has almost three times as much working experience as I have. His back looked very huge to me. There have been many troubles or problems in my workplace, but thanks to him, I could somehow overcome them.

I shouldn’t write this, but there is certain kind of people I don’t work with due to their ass-hole attitude or character. I really hope I don’t want to be such people who are longed to be relocated as soon as possible by colleagues. But on the other hand, there are people who I don’t want to say goodbye to.

This is Spring, and this is where I am right now. Spring is sometimes cruel to our lives.

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2 thoughts on “Spring is a Cruel Season in Japan

  1. Since these kinds of seasonal relocations don’t really happen in America, we’re just stuck with the same shitty people basically forever- or we’re able to make really long-lasting connections with the people we like. So I never thought much about the emotions involved in it. But you’re right, even I have those feelings of “Ugh when is *this person* going to be transferred?” And I’m sure they were probably thinking “Ugh when am I going to be transferred?” too. I wonder if they even think about how other people are wishing for them to go, or if they even care.
    But although it would never happen in America, I kind of wish something like this was there. The teacher who could help you so much will go to a new place to help other people, and hopefully good ideas and efficient systems can spread to other workplaces, and people can observe and learn from bad ideas and inefficient systems to create new ideas.
    I’m glad that these goodbyes happen in March, so I can get all my crying out in time for spring, to start fresh with the new people, new atmosphere, and a reignited feeling of motivation! Hope you can too!

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