Happy New Year and My 3 Simple New Year’s Resolutions in 2022

Happy New Year Everyone! I’ve written about 80 posts last year, and this year, I’m excited about how many articles I can write. As every year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions, hoping something to change for the better, and I’m also trying to make it like every year.

A colleagues’ daily calendar found in my office. “To grow something you really think is important is the quintessence of life to me”

1. Exercise more
A sound mind is found in a sound body. Familiar quote, eh? But, exercise sounds a pretty boring and not-funny thing. However, Kendo saves me. Kendo, a Japanese best-known traditional martial art, makes my life healthier both mentally and physically and releases my stressed-out feelings, and improves my posture in real life. And absolutely, you can dehydrate your stress through your sweat. Running, swimming, training, or even walking works. I’d like to work out in some ways at least 30 min. for a day. By the way, I’m doing SUBURI (practice swinging of bamboo stick of Kendo) 400 times a day thanks to Uga-Tencho’s SUBURI LIVE channel. I would highly recommend this kind of everyday practice, it really can improve your self-confidence.

2. Eat More Vegetables
It’s that simple. All you need is to eat more vegetables. I became 29 and began to feel like I should take care more of my body. Of course, there are great choices of the cuisine of meats here. However, eating more meat and less working out seems to create only problems. Eating vegetables and working out can lead me to my ideal body and life.

3. Don’t Think Too Much with Comparing to somebody
Maybe I should not blame my mother for this personal character at such a late time though, I have been comparing so much with somebody or people around me. Thus, I could try hard to overcome certain criteria or goals, but sometimes I feel so stressed out by comparing myself to others so many times like endless. That could kill. Therefore, I will try not to compare myself with somebody and try to take care of what I believe or think is important and grow them up.

Wow. These are so simple and ordinal things. But, it seems very difficult at my age. I’d like to take many risks as much as I can and try to direct a super interesting movie of my life! Hope yours would be the great one. Let’s do what we really enjoy and think is important!

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