Sorry for the absence for about a week. Somehow I was busy working and stressed out somehow. Sometimes there are times in which you really need to focus on your work. However, tough work might brush me up to a higher level of myself. At least I believe that I could become stronger than ever.

Anyway, I’ve got good news, which is that I could finally get 1 Dan of Kendo. Most of you might not know what Dan means or even Kendo, so let me tell you. Kendo is a kind of Japanese martial art using a bamboo stick. This sport has been originally developed by Japanese Samurai for the practice of their battle.

But, honestly, kendo is not just sports. I feel like it’s more like training for your spirit or life itself. Therefore, we use the word “keiko” which basically means practice. However, keiko is not just training. We respect our master and competotors and try to brush up our way of thinking of not only kendo but also our life. In short, Kendo is Life. We can brush up our lives through the practice of kendo. I’m really into kendo more than before because of getting 1 Dan (First grade out of 8th grade).


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