Today’s world seems to be too open and be filled with lots and lots of somebody’s ideas or opinions as if everyone is a critic of something. Yes. I’m talking about the world united by Internet. We are living in a society in which we are forced to share almost everything.

GAFA recommends that we should live more uniquely, and we’ve somehow believed such things actually matters. However, what we have done is buying more stuff on Amazon which is slightly different from your friends’ audio speaker, and try to search “an answer” of everything that would be never found on the Internet with Google. Using sophisticated Apple device and write a “unique” critical comments for people around the world on Facebook or Twitter. Including myself, we are maybe creating a great world with our unique way.

Why I’m so depressed with the Internet today, is because I just searched an impression of a Japanese new TV drama series. Actually, the impression after watching the drama was pretty good to me. But, when I googled “(The name of the drama) + reputation”, the most of titles or posts listed on the top were “The new series was awful” or such negative entries. Then, I felt something so wrong, and I feel sad to see such comments.

Maybe I just wanted to believe and be confident with my own reputation or impression on things. But, thanks to the Internet, we can compare or search on almost everything, and you can find an “answer-like answer” on the web. But, how valuable is it? Everyone can say and write freely on the Internet, and that’s very beautiful thing and stupid thing at the same time. Today, I just want to confirm that we don’t need to prioritize the ideas on the Internet too much, and we should rather be confident with our genuine idea more in today’s world and era. I believe we should not follow the idea on the internet but the idea before the Internet. That must make us more free and more unique person.


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