All you need is best friend

Had a tough kendo Keiko (kind of practice in traditional Japanese) tonight, and came back to home around 9 o’clock and then, suddenly I got a call from one of my precious best friend living in Tokyo. He was in trouble. He will take a internal test to become a train conductor. His trouble was how to deal with an interview test. They would ask why do you want to be a train conductor, but he can’t hit upon a good answer, then he called me to counsel with it.

Actually, I couldn’t hit upon any good idea, so all I could do was just have a good time talking with him. I started to drink sake, and he did So too. I confessed my personal love issue to him, and since he has been married for 3years and has already a kid, his advice was really useful and worth hearing. Then I advised him to have such kind of attitude with confidence like the moment. Then he somehow understood how to deal with the test.

Above all, sometimes I really think all I need is best friend to share problems, happiness and something else. Sharing and talking together about our unexpected future is such a fun thing. Maybe, it would be one of our reasons why we live. Unless this COVID situation, We can still share many things with our best friends. I really appreciate it in this era. But hopefully, I want to meet them directly again someday very soon.


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