Since the emergency declaration has been just canceled the day before yesterday, the most of Japanese seems to feel a bit of freedom of Friday. Thanks to this pain relief, people can enjoy drink alcohol until not 8 pm but later than that time. That makes us to go grab a drink more often. See? We are not dogs anymore and we can live freely again.

One of my colleague asked me to go get drink, and we’ve just gone to a restaurant bar place for the first time in a month. We were almost forgetting how to drink and talk in such kind of place though, gradually we could make sense of how to behave in such place, and we could all share good drunk feeling. The beauty of alcohol can be described as this old saying: The truth is in the wine. Often, it is this kind of occasion that we can finally share the true feelings or stupidity.

Now, I came back to my house and typing this blog, and thinking about tomorrow’s schedule. Tomorrow, I’d like to go to a cinema and see the latest 007 movie “No Time To Die”, and want to write a fiction. I’ve been wondering when to write almost everyday, so tomorrow, I will definitely write my stuff. There are a lot of thing to do, really. Thanks to a convivial drinking party, now, tomorrow can be seen as clear as white wine to me.


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