Japanese looks neat on surface, but… If you want to see Japan, Visit Yahoo! News Comment Section

I’ve been thinking how anonymous speech or writing on the Internet is terribly awful as garbage. Japanese looks neat on one level, but when you visit comment section on the Internet, you can see the deeper different side of a Japanese characteristics.

I don’t know why (maybe it was a default page for the early PCs in Japanese history), the most Japanese people’s top page is somehow set as Yahoo! Japan, and since the news section of the top page is thought to be as a national bulletin board (there is even slang for it “The news went viral on Yahoo News” or like that). So, anyway, in this country, really many people care Yahoo!News. I don’t complain the site, and I even think their choice of news topics are very balanced and it is basically fine.

However, the problem is the comment section which follows the main news article. There, you can leave anonymous comments, and you can even reply to a comment. What makes me really sick is the quality of these comments. The most of comments are a kind of spit to somebody and frequently very biased. You can even leave a “LIKE” and “DISLIKE” buttons in each comments, and the comments with higher likes automatically stands out.

Actually, I was a bit fan of the comment section because somebody writes comments that we really looked forward seeing, but gradually, looking at the section with full of biased, angry comments, I felt here is no more healthy place to me. I realized that I feel being offended and stressed out. Now, I don’t see the site not that often compared to before.

But to be honest, I sometimes glance the section intentionally just for my curiosity. Now I can easily hit upon pros and cons comments on the site easily, but I sometimes try to access and check the reality.

Anyhow, when you are looking for a real Japanese comments, maybe it’s worth for you to visit.



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