Are economic sanctions a useful foreign-policy tool?

North Korea is believed to have fired a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan on Tuesday morning, the Japanese government said later in the day. This is not a surprising news in Asia and especially in Japan. By such actions, Japan for example can’t stop an economic sanctions like banning North Korean people’s visiting. Actually, economic sanctions seems a useful-policy tool to me.

The first reason is that it is the only way to avoid war in present situation. The war cost too much risks like sacrifice of a lot of people, or war can create a deep negative bad images on each countries in war. Therefore, before the war phase, we need to try to solve problems by economic sanction kinds of tools.

Secondly, it seems that it has actually worked so far somehow. Some nations forced to change their policy by giving economic sanction. In this world of capitalism economy, economic sanction has such a power in terms of making a nation alive. In this global era, every country can be influenced by some other nations economy. And we need to somehow cooperate in this era. Therefore, as long as there is an economic sanction, it seems so hard to maintain its domestic economy without cooperating with other nations.

Finally, it can create a better attitude of the sanctioned country by the economic sanctions. By sanctioning, a country is forced to follow the international rules which prioritize basic human rights and prohibiting aggregations. Therefore, this solution can make a county better country. So, we need to use this tool of economic sanction wisely and efficiently.

In conclusion, an ideal situation must be no country would choose this option. However, it seems to be the best way to try to change a country into the better one without having war. So, economic sanctions a useful policy in the end.


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