It’s Saturday. Truly the happiest day through a week because you can never feel more freedom and possibility for the rest of your life on this day. Sunday is a bit tricky. It seems that you can do anything but the Monday comes right before you. That means, you feel like you need to prepare something for Monday, and sometimes you even find yourself worried to welcome Monday. How awful it is. Why am I so afraid of going to Monday? But, the most of people can understand what I’m feeling right now. I somehow like my job, my current situation, but, Sunday seems pretty dull.

Next to Saturday, my favorite day is Friday because you can do anything compared to the other days. However, we Japanese high school teachers have a tricky problem that is that we have a club activity on Saturday. I mean, I need to be a coach of a club activity from 8 am to 12 on the day. That is really tricky. Why I say it’s tricky because it sometimes felt really fun to be in a school office on Saturday morning till noon and enjoy activity with students, but, sometimes I suddenly feels like am I doing right? Am I losing a precious moment for my life? or like that.

Being a teacher itself is tricky now I think. If you really love talking or interacting with students, this job is super attractive for you guys, but like me who are not that good at staying with students for long time, I’m always wondering if I could do better to deal with or talk with adults than children. Do I really want to keep doing this job? Should I change a job after 1 or 2 year after making my homeroom students graduated? That kind of things are what I think of recently. And then, I find Saturday is somehow also a tricky day.

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