The days we wear mask became so ordinary that we sometimes afraid of wearing masks for good especially here in Japan as strong peer-pressured country. We wear masks like an oxygen cylinder in the deep ocean. Sometimes wondering if I don’t wear masks and try to enter a supermarket, what would be the people’s reactions to me? Everyone must think I’m a terrorist or like that. I didn’t know that the world or common sense can be turned around that easily. Before this pandemic, the most of the Japanese teachers thought that the color of mask must be white. But, now, who cares?

One of my Tokyo friend once grumbled that they have experienced non-emergency declaration time only for several weeks so far this year. Crazy right? So, now, we all think like “will the restriction will continue indefinitely?”or like that. I mean, what do you think about?

The last thing I felt would continue almost forever was the high school days. That days was so boring that I totally lost the meaning of why should I keep going this building. It was because everything was measured by the test score at that time. You make a higher score, teachers would love you more than students who got lower score. Bullshit. I don’t know why but maybe that would be definitely a main reason why I’m doing high school teacher now. People can’t be measured by only test score, and I don’t want to be such an ass hole teachers. I wanted to be a teacher who doesn’t feel or look like a teacher.

Anyway, sorry for going off the track. The point is, I felt that the boring school life would continue forever, but actually that was not continued that long. In fact, it lasted just for 3 years. Looking back the time, now I think of many things. The dark memories and happy memories of that time somehow made a huge impact for my life. If I try to look a bright side of things, I would thank the shitty high school days which lasted just for 3 years. I felt 3 years like 30 years at time though.

In short, I feel the same thing in this wired era. We can do many things in this depressing days. Somebody would even miss this days after the pandemic in terms of no drinking party or easiness of working from home. So, why don’t we look at the bright side? Let’s practice piano. Let’s write a novel. Let’s nourish your true love. I’m sure we will even miss this days someday soon in the future.


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