Imagination and Coins

Summer warm rain has fallen for several days in here. It is due to the approaching typhoon no. 9. Unlike to American hurricane, we don’t name it but we call it by numbers. There comes several typhoons and it gradually draws autumn.

The air changes dramatically day after a typhoon rain. We have to forget the summer dull hottest days suddenly, and then we realize the days was not gonna forever. Sometimes we recognized time as retrospective.

There is a famous sales copy for a publishing company’s ad for summer reading. It says, few hundreds yen and imagination.

想像力: imagination 数百円: few hundreds yen

I personally like this sales copy. It means, by imagination and few coins to buy a paperback , you can go everywhere. And now I also wonder, I can go everywhere if I could write my own story with cheap notebook and a pen by 300 yen ($3).

Summer vacation is a nice time to look back your history or verbalizing your hidden story. Let me try some tonight.

Thank you very much for reading the article. I would prefer your comments or some other topic requests for me to write. Please write a comment or give me an email through contact page.


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