You should take a day off after 2nd COVID jab

Comparing the COVID-19 cases around the world, Japanese cases seems slightly lower, and it is somehow thought to be one of the reasons why Japanese COVID-19 vaccination is delayed. According to the government statement, those who request their vaccinations would be fully vaccinated by the end of November.

However, the pace of the vaccination, actually, depends on which local government you belong to. Since I live in not a big urban city of Japan, rather countryside’s small town, I could get the 1st one on July 6th, and second one on July 26th. It must be a rare case for 20s in this country, and I somehow could finally appreciated that I became a kind of public servant as school teacher.

By the way, what I want to write is so called “side effect” of it. In fact, this is totally my personal empirical opinion though, after a 1st jab, I could scarcely feel any side effect except a slight hurting on my arm where jabbed. It felt like a muscle pain that can be felt when you finished weightlifting by right arm after a long time.

However, 2nd jab HAS a side effect to me. I took the jab on 15:40 the day before yesterday, and the day was totally fine anyhow. And next morning I woke up as usual, and I didn’t set a day off, so I worked as usual. But, slightly you began to feel discomfort and feverish. Around noon time, I became such a tired and had some headaches. Then, I took afternoon off immediately, and jumped into my bed. That was around 15:00. And the next time I opened my eyes were at 5:00 am. During sleeping, I felt fever and trouble for sound sleep, but I just tried to sleep.

And now, today, I feel much better but a slightly dull. I think I will have been back to the. Eat condition by tomorrow. Therefore, if you are wondering if you take a day off or not after the 2nd jab, here is my advice. It is your choice though, you may not perform well on the day. Take care of yourself.

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