Kendo practice after the end of the state of emergency

Kendo is one of the Japanese traditional martial arts and thought to be today’s best sports which represents bushido tradition. Japanese samurai used to practice their way (Dou) of ken (sword in Japanese), so it is called Kendo(剣道). Recent Japanese smash hit anime “Damon Slayer” characters are featured with such martial arts, so the popularity seems to grow these days.

I don’t know how many state of emergency was proposed in this 15 months though, we needed stopping kendo keiko (practice or lesson in Japanese) from 2 weeks ago. That was really sad though, actually, I hadn’t practiced by myself until yesterday. But today, I could play kendo with relatively good condition. The memory left inside the body was deleted in a good/ bad way, so my form or way of doing kendo was not bad actually, my master said to me.

“All you need is to hit a shot with your heart and body set together in 0.1 second. Don’t hesitate to relax for the fight, but you need to focus the 0.1. In the moment, I can live my life.

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