No meaning to tweet

Really long time ago I updated the last post, I finally can write again tonight. Now I think I can write this blog when I don’t feel busy. But keep doing something through life has a big meaning and definitely you cannot keep doing something without a feeling of pure joy. I am feeling a great meaning to write this blog in English to spread my boring idea. But, seriously, I am so happy to have 38 followers of this blog. I want to write much more quality contents but it would take time honestly. So, please be patient, and please feel free to let me know what you want me to write anytime.

By the way, I recently bought and read a Japanese book titled “How to use SNS effectively for the common people”. That was the book I really longed for long time. Actually, I have given up my twitter accounts for 5 or 7 times. To be honest, I simply couldn’t understand why people tweet meaningless tweet against the world almost everyday like “I had pasta today.” So, what? I cannot understand why no-celebrity people like me should tweet? And we should try to read every tweet desperately? “Following” is some tough work. I cannot feel any sparkle joy reading twitter before, but I somehow was interested to tweet something against the world, but it always ended up with the deactivate button.

But the book told me that twitter is not your must read media. Rather it is a media or place that can connect me with someone else. So, although I don’t tweet often, I hope my latest account can make some precious opportunity with real me. Sorry, today was so tiring day, so I’m sleeping now.

2 thoughts on “No meaning to tweet

  1. Wow, you tweeted goodnight at exactly 10:00!!
    To be honest, I feel the same about twitter. A lot of the people I follow are always posting like, “good morning, good night,” And every day they post basically the same things. I follow them for news on their projects, but Twitter keeps emailing me “You missed a tweet from someone you’re following!” and I check and it says “good morning.” There’s probably a way for me to turn that off, but I don’t want to miss their actually important tweets…

    And I also wonder, like, who are they saying good morning to? I don’t feel like they’re talking to me. Just talking into a one-sided mirror, where I can see them but they can only see themselves. If I respond, they feel seen, but I’m still invisible. If I post good morning, they won’t respond to me, so it’s really such an exhausting relationship. That’s why I prefer Twitch or niconico. Their goodmornings are received and they respond to your good mornings.

    All the same, it seems to be effective for some people to feel connected to the people they follow on Twitter. So I hope it works out for you!! Maybe I should start talking into the Twitter void…


    1. Good morning and thank you for your insightful idea. The beauty of the twitter seems we can immediately connect with anybody and feel really close to the people like celebrities. At the same time, there are so many critics and criticism, and it really makes me exhausted. Anyhow, I try to think it as a tool that can other people can reach me easily. Thank you very much for reading!


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