A reply to an American friend asking “How did the Japanese people feel about the Olympics?”

I know Japan is still in a state of emergency, right? Why is it taking so long to get everyone vaccinated? I feel really relieved that we have been able to get vaccinated. When will you be able to get vaccinated? How did the Japanese people feel about the Olympics? I know it is coming up soon.

Thank you very much for sending me a lot of beautiful pictures. Although I am in a mid of the emergency declaration, I could remember how great to go on a trip thanks to the pictures. Billy seems doing pretty fine with Pokemon T shirts and many fun activities. I had no idea what Rogue Ale tastes but I really hope that you could enjoy the taste.

Anyway, speaking of delayed vaccination in Japan, ironically, we also have exact the same question. Why does it take so long time to get vaccinated? Of course there seems many Japanese unique difficulties like slow authorization for using of vaccines, lack of medical staffs, or national character that avoid getting vaccinated. But the most people feel it is the result of misgovernment by a ruling party, which has been infamous for its reckless driving these years. Unfortunately, the opposition parties are also lack of foresight or credibility on today’s politics, the most of nation find today’s politics pretty dull, and have got used to this disappointing situation sadly. My grandparent will take a first shot in a week, and I am going to get it around August or something like that.

Every Japanese are wondering when the prime minister declare cancelation of the Olympic, but there seems a huge pressure from somewhere to make Japan have the Olympic game forcefully with 90% of nation’s opposition to hold the game. Actually, due to the emergency declaration, one of the huge victims are the students from elementary to university. Speaking of high school students, they cannot practice for a big competition in their precious school life, but the government will accept Olympic games? Which is more precious? I’m afraid that they cannot answer this question. I am very embarrassed. We are really angry anyway.

Above all, we Japanese have really mixed feeling. We have no idea if the coming Olympic game is really the Olympic. All I can do is just praying that everything would be peacefully settled down someday soon.

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