Fun should come first

What does it mean for your life? What is the pros and cons of your plan? What is your benefit attending the project? These days, thanks to the spreading of capitalism, we never doubt such behavior or attitude, and take it for granted. Should we think of anything in terms of merit and demerits? Right or wrong? That’s some important criteria. But, why can’t we think of in terms of fun or not fun?

I don’t know from when I started thinking this way though, I now feel I became too boring person as 28. On the other hand, children’s criteria for deciding anything depends on their feeling for fun. If they found funnier thing, that’s the reason they take the option.

I’m so sorry about myself now. I was thinking about trivial benefits or loss all the time for anything. I’ve forgotten something very important. Let’s focus on fun side. Don’t think as capitalism. Try get back my soul for fun-ism.

When I first ate BigMac was 10 years old. It tastes just as it was.

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