Going to McDonald’s is a kind of trip for residents in countryside of Hokkaido

Long long time no see everyone. I was really busy for reading books and writing Japanese fiction (it’s true) these days. Anyway, since the state of emergency was declared in some populated prefectures in Japan, the atmosphere in Japan is a bit heavier than before. The first declaration of a state of emergency was for all Japan, but some prefectures are not an area for this declaration. However, since we are Japanese, we love to sympathize or reading somebody’s way of feeling. Japan is the nation of peer pressure.

So, many people seems that they give up some fun stuff really easily even your area is not under the state of emergency. Of course, preventing the pandemic, and do our best for not getting infected must be really important, and we still have to make efforts for this even this whole year. But, still, I believe we still have rights to have fun with something.

For example, trip to near tourist sites. We should avoid crowd area though, it would also be a good thing to go and help the economy of tourist sites. Many companies are becoming bankrupt. This is really hard time to think about whether going out or not. But, easy “STAY HOME” is really bad for our health especially on our mind. The scenery would be very monochrome or tasteless.

We should prevent the spread of COVID-19, but we should not give up any fun things that easily. I hope people can live decently with COVID pandemic soon.


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