Good morning everyone. It’s Saturday. You don’t have to go to workplace, and you don’t have to wake up early rubbing your eyes. It’s a beautiful Saturday. I personally like Saturday the best out of every day. The beauty of Saturday is you can enjoy completely free and peace mind on Saturday. There will be no work tomorrow, you can keep watching 12 episodes on Netflix. You don’t have to even wake up on Saturday. Does that mean a philosophical death, by the way?

Anyway, my favorite part of my Saturday routine is reading a newspaper really slowly in peaceful mind. It is said that a typical Japanese newspaper has words are equivalent to an average Japanese paperback. So, it is almost impossible to read the whole articles every day, but Saturday. If you read the paper really close, you realize how world is filled with weird problems and colorful solutions. Since I’m into getting rid of the clutter in my possessions and living with the bare minimum of things, I these days am also into not reading online news articles. It’s because we don’t pay for them. If you throw many things away, you can notice how the money should be more carefully used. Then I realized why haven’t I read the paid paper more carefully and rather read free bullshit online speedy but chaotic news. It is an investment for our democracy to subscribe the newspaper.

Anyway, I prefer reading physical paper. The Saturday edition of my paper has a lot of book feature articles, and I love to read the impressions or critical essay on books introduced on the paper. And when I really want to read the book, I can go to book store and can buy it. What a wonderful Sarturday.

And you can even go to onsen (a hot spring) near your place. The typical Japanese tend to think you want to take a bath in Onsen at least once a month. It’s simply because the there is a huge hot-tub and you can kind of “reset” your life there. And the more typical Japanese drink a bottled milk just after taking a bath in onsen. I have no idea who invented this strange custom though, it is a tiny ceremony in your uneventful life.

So, why don’t you start your lazy and dreamlike Saturday. May you have a great Saturday.


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