Writing this article in the midnight makes my eyes really getting heavy. Days are unknown. Coming back to my house, I unconsciously found myself try to clean up one of my rooms which is known as the “chamber of secrets”, where is just a room filled with books I forgot to read. One of the main reasons why I can’t save money is not the cost of owning sports car, but the cost of buying too many books. I don’t know but I’ve bought crazy amount of books so far even I haven’t finished read the most of those books. But, owning books matters to me. Actually, it mattered.

Since I’m becoming boring adult, it is a destiny to say good bye to the books which seems impossible to read with my left relaxing time. So, I said, goodbye. I put books in the cardboards and send the request email to the online secondhand book shop to come and pick my books. I know they are gonna buy with really cheap price. But, it’s ok now.

And now, it is 12:30 am. It took about 3 hours to finish to put the room in order. Finishing clearing up, I somehow feels like my realm of unconscious is also put in order. The funny and metaphorical part of that work was throwing many things away. There was “The Game of Life” in the room. My ex-girlfriend really loved the game, so I ordered it on Amazon about a year ago. Now she has gone, so there seems no reason to keep it in my house. Then, I broke the board game into pieces to put in a garbage bag. I tear the huge box written “LIFE” with a big capital letters. There were fake moneys, card of many occupation with their yearly salary. And I broke everything. I felt like I put disorder in the life. I felt somehow so happy. Anyway, I’ll hit the sack…


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