When Everything Seems Dull

Something is different. The body parts are not working correctly, your throat is a bit dry, and you slightly realize your condition would be not OK soon. When everything seems dull, maybe you are getting cold. Especially, in this world and in this time, the people who have even slight fever should be told you need to take a rest. This is very ironic because about a year ago, every Japanese were though to be a person to work or fight 24 hours even you are in a bad condition. Your boss somehow admit your coming to office even you have a slight fever.

However, due to the COVID issue, even ad of Japanese medicine has changed. The phrase was “For the people who can’t take a rest”, and it has changed like “All you need to do is take a rest”. This is a huge changing. But still, there seems many people who have a huge hesitation to take a rest. And I think this is a cultural thing. I will surely take a rest if my condition seems a bit worse. If we Japanese could live in a society in which nobody try to work even in a bad condition.


2 thoughts on “When Everything Seems Dull

  1. I hope you’re feeling ok- and if not, absolutely be sure to take some time off and get well again! It really seems sometimes like, “I can’t take a day off today– I have too many important things to do!” Every single day. But in the big scope of things, we have to remember that’s what’s more important than any single day is our long-lasting health. If it takes one day to rest and be back to 100% for the rest of the week, isn’t that better than being at <50% for even a single week?
    I don't know how that works out mathematically, but nothing is more important than your health.
    Hope you feel better!


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