Take a Sad Song and Make It Better

We never knew what would happen tomorrow, especially car accidents thing. I had a tiny rear-end collision the day before yesterday, and I got a kind of whiplash injury right now. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured though, nobody became happy after a car accident. Really, nobody. Of course our car had no fault, we have to call the police and insurance company right after the accident, and first of all, you have to cancel the plan you were leaving for. Nevertheless you have totally zero fault, your heart is down, especially the weather is cloudy. That’s why I didn’t feel like writing blog for 2 days.

Then, I suddenly realized I was healed by a song that I’m practicing to sing with my guitar. The tune is “Hey Jude” the all time best music from The Beatles. It is said that this song was written by Paul McCartney for Julian, who is a son of John Lennon and Cynthia Lennon. John and Cynthia had Julian, but since John Lennon started having affair with Yoko Ono (to be remarriage partner), Julian was in trouble. Then, Paul, who had a good trusted mutual relationship with Julian (Jude), wrote a song for him to cheer him up. The song is exactly, “Hey Jude”.

It is said that Jude means Julian, and her means Cynthia in the lyrics. But, somehow this private song became a song for universal experience. And now, everyone listen to this song when feel down, and cheered up. It is because this song is made by love. Love is sometimes such a simple, but a deep song. Tonight, I’d like to share my sadness with you, and try to make it better, better, better…

Hey Julian

Thank you for reading and have a better day. Anyway, this is also a good clip.

One of the best Carpool Karaoke episode

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